"I plan to vote in-person in Charlottesville, and I have a car."
Depending on where you're registered, you have a different early voting location. If you're not sure where you're registered, you can check here and then come back to this page.

If you'd prefer to vote on Election Day, click here.
You vote early in Albemarle if you're registered at:
A First Year Dorm, on the Lawn/Range, Brown College, Lambeth, Copeley (Glenn and Boyd only), or Hereford (Norris, Johnson, Malone only)
You vote early in Charlottesville if you're registered at:
an off Grounds apartment, the IRC, Copeley (Snavely, Abbott, and Ribble only), Hereford (Weedon, Wyburn only), Bice, German House, JPA Language Houses, or Bond House
Make a reminder for yourself to vote early below.
Your reminder will include details about the location and parking.
If you'd prefer to figure out the details yourself, visit here for Charlottesville and here for Albemarle.
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