"I'm registered in Virginia, but not in Charlottesville."
You can either switch your registration to Charlottesville or keep it at your existing registration.

Here are some ways to think about how to decide.
Register in Charlottesville because...
  • Charlottesville is in a competitive Congressional district
  • It may be easier for you to vote here rather than travel elsewhere in Virginia to vote
Or, keep your existing registration if these are both true:
#1) Your permanent address is in another competitive Virginia district. This year, the other districts in Virginia that are considered to be competitive are the 2nd and 7th (according to The Cook Political Report). See if your existing registration is in one of those districts here.

#2) You are confident you will be able to vote by mail, or you know you can easily vote in person at your permanent address.
  • Be aware: If UVA sends students home due to COVID-19, the Post Office will not be able to forward any mail-in ballots to another address. If you are worried about this, consider registering in Charlottesville instead.
    Do you want to keep your registration or switch to registering in Charlottesville?
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